DIY S'moregasbord (S'more Station)

Create Your own "S'moregasbord" S'more Station for Your next Outdoor Party

My husband I threw a huge Memorial Day BBQ at our house in upstate New York this past weekend and to end the days festivities, we lit a bonfire in the backyard complete with this s'more station that couldn't have been easier to throw together.  I bought a bunch of different kinds of gourmet chocolate, Nutella, a couple bags of marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate chip cookies.  Then I loaded all the ingredients into my wagon and wheeled it down to the fire pit just as everyone was gathering around and wondering what was for dessert.

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Vintage Kitty and Puppy Birthday Party

For my daughter's second birthday, I wanted to create a theme that would win favor with her and all of her 2 year old friends.  I don't know a 2 year old that doesn't love a kitty or a puppy so I decided to do a kitty and puppy theme with a vintage twist to appease Mommy's aesthetic.  The first thing I did was choose a color palette, pastels.  Then I sourced a couple of key vintage items online like the adorable kitty and puppy ceramic vessel, the table cloth and the large ball jar.  Next, I went completely overboard crafting the bunting, cookie and cupcake stands, kitty and puppy ears and stickers for the snack bags.  And last, I put together a vintage ensemble for Ruby and made the birthday cake, kitty cookies and cupcakes.  I had SO much fun putting this party together and Ruby and all of her friends had a blast attending it.  Check out all of the pics below and the links to some of the crafting tutorials.

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Outdoor Movie Night

This is the time of year in the Catskill mountains when I wish I could bottle the weather.  The summer evenings are so cool and comfortable and it is so pleasant to be outside that we spend all of our evenings in the backyard or on the porch.  My good friend Emily and I decided to take advantage of the great weather and have an outdoor movie night at Emily's house.  We gathered up all the blankets we could find and spread them out on the lawn, invited all of our friends over and used a projector to screen "The Room," which if you have never seen it, you definitely need to watch it ASAP.  It's the best worst movie you have ever seen and the best way to view it is with a bunch of friends and a good sense of humor.  We completed the movie night theme with hotdogs, buckets of movie theater candy and a popcorn bar.  This was a really fun themed party and very easy to put together.  I hope this post inspires you to have your own outdoor movie night.

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Fondue Party

There is nothing better than a theme party to bring the kid out of you and your friends.  Starting with a theme gives you some creative direction when planning your party.  Our most recent party was all about FONDUE!  The fondue theme branched out into a full on seventies theme that included everything from Pet Rocks to Amaretto Sours (homemade of course).  We came up with retro hors d'oevres and dressed in our best attempt at 70s attire.  Fondue became the means for facilitating each of our three dinner courses: cheese, broth, and a caramel dessert.  And at the end of the night we sent our friends on their way with some delicious trail mix.  Katie even found vintage tupperware online that we used to package the gift.  What better way to hit the trails than with trail mix?!

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Fondue Party Invitations

Although we like to pretend that we are tough mountain folk up here in the Catskills, we've got nothing on the folks who live in the Swiss Alps.  Those twisted, craggy mountains and long freezing winters can really wear a person down and deplete the cupboard stores!  But the Swiss are a resourceful folk and they discovered a way to take those hardened blocks of cheese and stale loaves of bread and make something that is not only yummy, but also brings everyone together to warm the heart and stomach.  

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Holiday Party

My friend Emily and I put together a holiday party this December to try out some recipes for the blog and get our friends together at an exciting time of year.  We had about ten people over and made a large buffet spread that guests could graze on throughout the evening.  The night was a success, although we realized the importance of prep the day before.  We had our hands full pulling everything together the day of the event and will make sure to do more ahead of time for our fondue party in February.  Entertaining is a learning process and Katie and I love to do it!

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