Fondue Party Invitations


Although we like to pretend that we are tough mountain folk up here in the Catskills, we've got nothing on the folks who live in the Swiss Alps.  Those twisted, craggy mountains and long freezing winters can really wear a person down and deplete the cupboard stores!  But the Swiss are quite resourceful and they discovered a way to take those hardened blocks of cheese and stale loaves of bread and make something that brings everyone together to warm their hearts and stomachs.  

Because it's that time of year when we are all a little sick and tired of the chilly weather and being stuck indoors, my good friend Emily and I have decided to gather our friends at Emily's home to warm our hearts and stomachs over some hot pots of cheese, broth and dessert fondues.  We will be donning our most obnoxious turtle neck sweaters and bell bottomed jeans for a 70s style fondue dinner party next weekend.  Check the blog soon for pictures and recipes from the event!   

Katie MilesComment