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DIY S'moregasbord (S'more Station)

Create Your own "S'moregasbord" S'more Station for Your next Outdoor Party

My husband I threw a huge Memorial Day BBQ at our house in upstate New York this past weekend and to end the days festivities, we lit a bonfire in the backyard complete with this s'more station that couldn't have been easier to throw together.  I bought a bunch of different kinds of gourmet chocolate, Nutella, a couple bags of marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate chip cookies.  Then I loaded all the ingredients into my wagon and wheeled it down to the fire pit just as everyone was gathering around and wondering what was for dessert.

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Outdoor Movie Night

This is the time of year in the Catskill mountains when I wish I could bottle the weather.  The summer evenings are so cool and comfortable and it is so pleasant to be outside that we spend all of our evenings in the backyard or on the porch.  My good friend Emily and I decided to take advantage of the great weather and have an outdoor movie night at Emily's house.  We gathered up all the blankets we could find and spread them out on the lawn, invited all of our friends over and used a projector to screen "The Room," which if you have never seen it, you definitely need to watch it ASAP.  It's the best worst movie you have ever seen and the best way to view it is with a bunch of friends and a good sense of humor.  We completed the movie night theme with hotdogs, buckets of movie theater candy and a popcorn bar.  This was a really fun themed party and very easy to put together.  I hope this post inspires you to have your own outdoor movie night.

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