Katie Miles

Since Katie was old enough to ride a bicycle and pick up the Friday newspaper, she has been going to garage sales, collecting crafting materials, art supplies and curious objects.   She has a BFA in Painting and Fibers and worked as an artist and art gallerist until the birth of her first child when she decided to stay home with her children and pursue her dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Katie recently moved from Brooklyn, NY to sunny Los Angeles with her husband and two daughters.  Katie also created her own children's clothing label called Dig A Pony and you can purchase clothing from her website www.digaponykids.com.   Life is Made, is the result of Katie’s committment to the philosophy that life is only as good as the things that you make. On this blog you can find delicious, simple recipes that are comforting, healthy, and made with local ingredients when possible as well as crafting, sewing, pattern making and embroidery tutorials and party ideas.