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Fondue Party

There is nothing better than a theme party to bring the kid out of you and your friends.  Starting with a theme gives you some creative direction when planning your party.  Our most recent party was all about FONDUE!  The fondue theme branched out into a full on seventies theme that included everything from Pet Rocks to Amaretto Sours (homemade of course).  We came up with retro hors d'oevres and dressed in our best attempt at 70s attire.  Fondue became the means for facilitating each of our three dinner courses: cheese, broth, and a caramel dessert.  And at the end of the night we sent our friends on their way with some delicious trail mix.  Katie even found vintage tupperware online that we used to package the gift.  What better way to hit the trails than with trail mix?!

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