DIY Iron Transfer Canvas Tote Bags

How to make an iron transfer canvas tote bag

How to Make Iron Transfer Canvas Bags as Gifts for Christmas (with free printables!):

Hey guys, it's TOTE-ally time to get your gift giving butt in gear and start whipping up some homemade gifts for the holidays!  I put about 10 of these iron transfer canvas bags together in under 4 hours.  I guarantee that you cannot drive to the mall and buy enough gifts to cross 10 people off your list in less than 4 hours and under $12 per gift.  I double dog dare you to try.  Get your gift giving butt onto Amazon right now and order some Avery Iron-Transfer Paper and some Canvas Bags.  They are going to show up at your door by Saturday or Monday.  Next, get on that computer of yours and make or find a cool design and print it out on your nifty iron-transfer paper.  Now iron that sh** on.   By the middle of next week (7 DAYS OUT FROM XMAS!!) you got yourself one-of-a-kind homemade gifts for every tote-lovin' person on your list.  You're welcome. 

Koo Koo Kachoo Canvas Tote Bag with Walrus

Directions for Making Iron Transfer Canvas Tote Bags:

Supplies needed:


  1. Design the transfer on the computer.  I made mine in Photoshop and Illustrator. You could also use Microsoft Word or any imaging program.  Or you could scan a drawing into the computer and print it.  Make sure that you flip the design on the computer before printing.  You will want the design and any wording to be a mirror image of the final design.  Follow the directions that come with the pack of Avery Iron-Tranfer paper for printing your design.
How to make an iron transfer canvas tote bag

2.  Cut out the design.  Heat your iron to the highest setting and iron the wrinkles out of the canvas bags using steam.  IMPORTANT: Turn the steam OFF before ironing the transfer onto the bag.  Place the transfer on the bag with the image side down.  Press hard with two hands and iron the transfer for approximately 2-3 minutes.  

How to make an iron transfer canvas tote bag

3.  Allow the transfer to cool before lifting the backing paper off.  

How to make an iron transfer canvas tote bag