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DIY Iron Transfer Canvas Tote Bags

Hey guys, it's TOTE-ally time to get your gift giving butt in gear and start whipping up the homemade gifts for the holidays!  I put about 10 of these iron transfer canvas bags together in under 4 hours.  I guarantee that you cannot drive to the mall and buy enough gifts to cross 10 people off your list in less than 4 hours and under $12 per gift.  I double dog dare you to try.  Get your gift giving butt onto Amazon right now and order some Avery Iron-Transfer Paper and some Canvas Bags.  They are going to show up at your door by Saturday or Monday.  Next, get on that computer of yours and make or find a cool design and print it out on your nifty iron-transfer paper.  Now iron that sh** on.   By the middle of next week (7 DAYS OUT FROM XMAS!!) you got yourself one-of-a-kind homemade gifts for every tote-lovin' person on your list.  You're welcome. 

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Leaf Printed Pillows

I've been waiting all winter for the leaves of the trees in my backyard to come to life so I could make these leaf printed pillows.  I bought these pillows at Ikea to dress up my bed and instantly knew that they needed something more.  They were just so cold, drab, well-- Ikea like.  I was initially going to silk screen a leaf pattern onto them, but I discovered printing with a brayer recently and thought it might be a lot easier than going to all the trouble of making a screen.  I'm so pleased with the way they turned out!  Here is a tutorial on printing using a brayer.  

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