Five Fun Projects to do with your Kids this Winter

1.  Make a Prince or Princess Crown

Pull out the scrap fabrics and felt and construct a crown with your kids.  You can even skip all of the sewing in this tutorial and use fabric glue or Heat n' Bond.

2.  Bake Low Sugar Oatmeal Cookies

Let the kids stir all the ingredients together and spoon them onto the cookie sheet. Then let them eat one, two or seven without the sugar jacked aftermath that normally follows a cookie binge.

3.  Construct Kitty Cat Ears or Puppy Dog Ears

Get out the felt and headbands and use glue or Heat n' Bond to put these kitty and puppy dog ears together.  Then play kitty and puppy and chase, wrestle, meow and bark all day long.

4.  Make Painted Gingerbread Cookies

This is a project you can spread out over a couple of days and keep the kids super entertained with all of the fun steps for making painted gingerbread cookies.  Make the dough, cut out the shapes and bake.  Then pipe a base layer of white icing.  Let dry over night and then use colored icing and paint brushes to let the kids make designs on the cookies.

5.  Cook Crispy Tofu Stars

Let the kids stamp shapes out of tofu and help you bread them.  Then watch as they gobble them up!