Miny Moe's Diaper and Nursing Pad Sampler Packs Make a Fantastic Baby Shower Gift!

My blogging friend Heather Tomoyasu, who runs the funny and informative blog US- Japan Fam, has launched a brilliant new company called Miny Moe, which specializes in diaper and nursing pad sampler packs.  What a great idea, right?!  Miny Moe was voted a top 10 baby shower gift in the 2013 Red Tricycle Totally Awesome Awards!  I remember being so frustrated when I was trying to figure out which diapers to use and which nursing pads didn't suck.  I hated buying an entire pack of diapers just to find out that they didn't fit my baby at all.  I would have loved to have gotten a sampler pack of diapers and nursing pads at my baby shower!  Heather says she "started Miny Moe in March 2013 after having much trouble finding a diaper that didn't leak on my newborn, and nursing pads that lasted me more than 10 minutes!  I was so frustrated that I couldn't try out brands before investing in the huge economy packs."

My two favorite packs from from Miny Moe's selection of packs include are the two environmentally friendly packs because, well, you know.... I'm a tree hugger.  But they also have samplers that include the top brands.  

The green diaper sampler includes 5 diapers each from 4 brands (Honest, 7th Generation, Naty, & Earth's Best - all free of chlorine, latex, dye, and perfume), and are great for parents not quite able to commit to cloth diapers, or for cloth diaperers who need the occasional disposable for babysitters or vacations.

The green (washable) nursing pad sampler includes one pair each from 3 brands (Bamboobies, Itzy Ritzy, and Philips Avent). 

And Miny Moe includes a score card so parents can score how each brand did and compare across certain categories, which helps them after finishing the pack to figure out their favorite.  Check out Miny Moe's Website for a complete list of products!