Beautiful Peony Arrangement


Posted by Emily 

I want to show off a little... but I can't take all of the credit for how beautiful this peony arrangement turned out.  Only nature can take credit here!  Peonies are beautiful flowers that are easy to arrange because they fill the vase so wonderfully and the stems are nice and strong.  When we bought our house, this peony plant was well established.  I have never seen this variety before with a double blossom.  The blooms start off tight and look like a traditional peony, but when they open all of the way there is a kind of pom-pom in the middle that is super neat.   

Every year I stake up the peony before the buds open so that when they do the blooms don't hit the ground.  My brother BIll made a stake for me that I use year after year to stake up this particular plant.  This year we have had so much rain that the stems got unusually long.  Even with the stems held up some of the blooms ended up touching the ground before I got to them.  Fortunately, the plant produced so many flowers, I was still able to get a gorgeous arrangement.   

I used a glass pitcher to make the arrangement, because I think the color of the peony stems and leaves are really pretty.  It's nice to be able to see them through the glass.  Here are some pictures! 

Fun Fact: Here's an interesting fact.  Have you ever noticed the when you see peony buds, there are always ants walking on them?  According to my mom, peony buds need ants to open!  Look for the ants next time you see a peony plant.   

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