Tomato Plant Party Favor


Posted by Emily 

Here's a cute idea for a late spring or early summer party favor.  I had a LOT of extra tomato seedlings.  Of the maybe 40 plants that we started, we only put about 10 in the garden.  I hate to see these little babies go to waste, and thought it would be fun to dress them up a little and send them home with friends.  This is a gift that will provide entertainment and food all summer long as it grows and starts to bear fruit.  it's a good reminder to your friends with less than a green-thumb that it is time to put some plants in the ground!  

All I did was to take a cellophane bag and cut bout 3 inches off the top.  I put it around the root ball (still in the starter cell) and tied it with some twine.  I embellished it with a Life is Made sticker to make it look really finished.  They were a hit!  And I hope our guests think of us when they have tomatoes in their garden later this season.  

Note: I think we should have transplanted the seedlings to bigger pots about a month ago, that is why the plants are kind of scrawny.  But if the recipient puts them in the ground right away, I think they will have time to grow and be successful.   

Emily TisdaleComment