My Mom's Tulip Beds


Posted by Emily

The tulip season in NY has passed and judging by the heat the past couple of days, I guess summer is here (if not officially).  Before I move on to sharing more with you about my vegetable garden and other fun summer projects, I want to show you a few pictures I took a couple of weeks ago of my mom's tulip beds.  Tulips grow from bulbs that must be planted in the Fall.  Staying underground all Winter, the flowers bloom when the ground warms in the Spring.  I think it's worth it to take some time in the Fall to consider your Spring garden - and when the tulips (or daffodils or crocuses) come up, it's a surprise you will thank yourself for.  My mom's tulip beds this year were so incredibly beautiful, they have to be documented.  I love the color combinations!  Different shades of pink in one bed and then a combination of primary-like colors in two others.  Absolutely gorgeous!  

Emily TisdaleComment