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Vintage Kitty and Puppy Birthday Party

For my daughter's second birthday, I wanted to create a theme that would win favor with her and all of her 2 year old friends.  I don't know a 2 year old that doesn't love a kitty or a puppy so I decided to do a kitty and puppy theme with a vintage twist to appease Mommy's aesthetic.  The first thing I did was choose a color palette, pastels.  Then I sourced a couple of key vintage items online like the adorable kitty and puppy ceramic vessel, the table cloth and the large ball jar.  Next, I went completely overboard crafting the bunting, cookie and cupcake stands, kitty and puppy ears and stickers for the snack bags.  And last, I put together a vintage ensemble for Ruby and made the birthday cake, kitty cookies and cupcakes.  I had SO much fun putting this party together and Ruby and all of her friends had a blast attending it.  Check out all of the pics below and the links to some of the crafting tutorials.

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