Four Easy Easter Projects

Four Easy Easter Projects from Life is Made with Katie Miles //
Salty Caramel and Dark Chocolate Bird's Nests

Recipe for Salty Caramel and Dark Chocolate Bird's Nests

This Easter I invited some of my mommy friends and their families over for an Easter dinner and all-out toddler insane-fest.  To really get the toddler blood pumping so they could do the best possible job of destroying my apartment, I made a decadent desert with pretzels, dark chocolate, caramel and Jordan almonds.  Once the sugar had mainlined in their little bodies we kept it going by doing an egg hunt with plastic eggs filled with Fruit Loops.  By the way, if your looking for the perfect snack that is colorful and sticky to have ground into your floors and carpets, Fruit Loops is it.  The adults enjoyed bloody mary's, and whiskey and we all enjoyed the amazing potluck dishes that my friends brought over.  Blue cheese biscuits, asparagus ragu, mac and cheese and a delicious ham were all on the menu followed by an Eastery treat of Bird's Nests.  A super fun day for my husband and I and especially memorable Easter for Ruby.

DIY Easter Bunny Pajamas with Matching Stuffed Bunny

How to Make Easter Bunny PJ's with Matching Stuffed Bunny

Well, Ruby is official a terrible two year old and I officially dream of childless vacations every second of the waking day.  Don't get me wrong...

DIY Easter Gifts -- Free Printable Stickers

How to Make this Simple Easter Gift -- With Free Printable Stickers

This is a super easy craft project for all of you tentative crafters out there.  Just spray paint the cartons, print out the stickers and fill them with plastic eggs.  Easy peasy.  Make these cute little Easter gifts for you students, kids, nieces and nephews or for your hunny bunny.  If you want to crank up the crafting dial just a little higher, you can take a crack at my two other crafting projects for Easter:  How to Make a Simple Stuffed Easter Bunny and Easter Bunny Tutorial.  

How to Make a Simple Stuffed Easter Bunny

Make Your Own Basket Stuffers this Easter with my Simple Stuffed Easter Bunny Tutorial with Free Pattern

Hippity- hoppity... Easter is on it's way!!!  Ok.  So I never really thought I would be the kind of mom that makes an Easter basket, especially for a 16 month old, but I'll admit it, I got wrapped up in the Easter spirit this year.  I mean, how could you not?  Candy, bunnies, pastels, eggs, chocolate, weird fake grass paper stuff.  Did I mention candy and chocolate?  So I found myself trying to figure out what to fill her basket with when I came upon an easy (super easy) craft tutorial to share with y'all.  Here is a super duper easy stuffed Easter bunny tutorial.  Hoppy Easter!   

Easter Bunny Tutorial

How to Make This Adorable Stuffed Bunny

The minute I found out that I was getting a new nephew I, of course, started stock piling goodies and making everything I can think of to shower my sweet nephew Bean with as much Auntie love as possible.  Every new baby needs a squeezable, huggable bunny, right? Here is a quick tutorial on how to make a Ralphio Pistachio the Rabbit .