Wool and Flannel Blanket


Baby it’s cold outside!  And I need a warm blanket in my cabin to crawl under after a romp in the snow. I got lucky and found this fabulous wool fabric complete with fringe at Mood in NYC.  I’m not sure you can find this fabric just anywhere, but you could substitute with wool broadcloth sans fringe and hem the edges.  Because I am one half lizard, (according to my husband) I’m not satisfied with just a wool or just a flannel blanket.  This cold blooded women needs to have both wool and flannel sandwiched together to keep my scales warm.

You will need:  Wool broadcloth (thin wool used for men’s suiting), flannel fabric, embroidery floss or thin yarn

1. Cut flannel fabric to the size of hemmed wool fabric.    

2. Place the wool fabric on top of the flannel fabric on the floor.  Make sure they are squared up and smooth them out.  

4.  Thread the needle with the embroidery floss or thin yarn and tie a knot at the end with about 1/2 inch of tassel.  

5.  Use a fabric pencil to mark the fabric where you want to tack the blanket and start tacking it from the center, moving to the outer edges.  Use the photos above to see how to tack the fabrics together and tie the knot off.  

6. After the blanket has been tacked, sew the edges of the fabrics together.  


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