Valentine Pasta Necklaces - Perfect for Toddlers and Kids

How to Make Pasta Necklace Valentines - A Fun Craft to do with Toddlers and Kids // Life is Made with Katie Miles //

How to Make Pasta Necklace Valentines - A Fun Craft for Toddlers and Kids

Here we go again people.  Valentine's Day.  I know a lot of you out there like to poo poo this holiday claiming that it makes single people feel bad or that it's just a holiday dreamed up by Hallmark, and that may be true.  But, I actually like this holiday, like a lot.  But that probably doesn't really come as much of a surprise to most of you.  What DIY crafty lady out there doesn't love the chance to get out a bunch of glitter, frilly things, pink and purple paints and throw together some cute, mushy, lovey dovey card's for their friends.  I can't take full credit for this Valentine's Day noodle necklace idea as I actually  found the inspiration for it from another blogger, The Allison Show.  Though I did find the inspiration for the Valentine from somewhere else, I made it my own by creating a unique card.  I've included the graphic as a printable so that all you have to do is print out the cards, put your children to work in a noodle necklace sweat shop for an afternoon and, viola!, Valentines are finished. 


  • pasta noodles
  • paint (I used Crayola Washable Kids Paints)
  • beads
  • string or twine
  • blank cards
  • a printer
  • Free Printable card
  • cellophane envelopes (optional)
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