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The Ruby Rose Dress Tutorial

Tutorial for the Ruby Red Dress with FREE Patterns

What do you think?  Should I market it or what?!? Well, in case I never get around to making a few to sell because I'm too busy breathing through temper tantrums and drinking, I've made this tutorial so you can make your own if it strikes your fancy.

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Sew a Button Back Tank Dress

How to Sew a Tank Dress that Buttons in the Back

We are getting closer and closer to hot summer days spent frolicking in light airy dresses and sandals and I couldn't be happier about it.  I've been spending my entire winter dreaming up fun little dresses to make for my daughter and now I'm deep into production mode.  This latest dress is a variation on the tank blouse that I blogged about in my last post.  

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Make a Tank Dress

How to Make a Cotton Knit Tank Dress for your Child

Summer clothes are so easy to sew that even a novice can jam out a couple of dresses for yourself or mini-person in a couple of hours.  Here is a tutorial for making a SUPER EASY cotton tank dress.

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DIY Upcycled Puppet

How to Make a Puppet from Old Clothing

How much is that puppy in the window?  Free!  Because I made it from recycling old clothing I had laying around the house!  Isn't he just the cutest little puppy puppet?  I think he is pretty adorable with his necktie ears and button eyes.  You can put one of these adorable little guys together in under an hour with my FREE printable pattern included in the tutorial.  Happy Upcycling! 

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DIY Felt Play Food - Pizza

How to Make Your Own Felt Pizza with Patterns

Alright guys, I'm at it again with the felt foods!  This felt play pizza was so fun to make and Ruby just loves playing with it.  She asked me (in a Brooklyn accent of course) if I wanted a slice of pizza today about 30 times.  How could I resist a delicious slice from a 2 year old doing a Brooklyn pizza guy bit?  I couldn't.  And I pretended to bite into that felt pizza slice over and over again exclaiming "Yummy, yummy in my tummy, tummy!"  

I've done all the leg work for you and the patterns are really easy to follow.  There isn't a lot of sewing either because I used Heat n' Bond to attach all of the toppings.  You could knock this pizza out in under an hour.  For reals.  Do it.

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DIY Felt Play Food- Cupcake

Yeah, I'll admit I was pretty proud of myself when I finished making these adorable felt cupcakes, but the true validation came when I gave them to my daughter and she promptly exclaimed "Cake!" and shoved one in her mouth and then gave me the most disgusted look when she realized it wasn't a real cupcake.  Make these cupcakes for your kids to play with, to use as pin cushions or just because they are so dang cute and you want to decorate your house with them.  I've done all the leg work for you by creating super easy patterns for you to print out and use.  The part that took the longest was coming up with the patterns and figuring out how to make the toppings, but since you don't have to do that, you could construct a couple cupcakes in under 2 hours tops.  Promise!  So go forth and make felt cupcakes!

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DIY Felt Play Food- Fried Eggs

When Santa brought my daughter a play kitchen for Christmas, I think I was way more excited about it than she was.  She immediately got to work baking cookies and making Mama's favorite, coffee and I immediately got to work organizing all the dishes, utensils and pots and pans perfectly into the cabinets and onto the shelves. Just like Mama's kitchen!  (Yes, I border on OCD.)  I also started dreaming of the all the cool foods I could make out of felt for her to use in the kitchen.  This was my first attempt making play food, so I kept it pretty simple.  These fried eggs are so super easy to make and took me about and hour and a half to complete.  Stay tuned because I will have more tutorials coming with free printable patterns.  Next up: Cupcakes!

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Puppy Dog Ear DIY

I made these puppy dog ears for my daughters second birthday party which was themed Vintage Kitty and Puppy.  All of the children who attended the party loved wearing their ears and pretending to be puppy dogs and they made a great party favor.  Here are the directions with an easy to pin strip for you to make your own ears.

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Kitty Cat Ear DIY

I made these kitty ears for my daughters second birthday party which was themed Vintage Kitty and Puppy.  All of the children who attended the party loved wearing their ears and pretending to be kitty cats and they made a great party favor.  Here are the directions with an easy to pin strip for you to make your own ears.

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Animal Applique Jumper for Kids Tutorial

For me, there is nothing more adorable than a cute little girl in a classic jumper.  Add a fox or a squirrel to that jumper and toss in some sweater tights, a peter pan collar and mary janes and you've got yourself a major cuteness overload.  I got the idea to make these jumpers for Ruby because she is really into animals right now and I knew that nothing would get her more excited than to have a fox pouncing across her body or a squirrel eating a nut on her belly.  The pattern for this jumper is pretty easy to create, just make sure you've got the measurements correct before you get started.  I measured Ruby about a month before I made the jumpers, and now they are a bit too small in the chest.  Probably better to add a half inch to all of your measurements to ensure they will fit your child for a whole season.

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Hippie Skirt Tutorial

Ok.  I'll admit it.  I went through a hippie phase.  Well, if I'm going to come completely clean, it was more like a hippie era than a phase.  Basically from the age of about eight or nine through my college years I felt like I had been mistakenly born in the early 80's instead of the early 60's.  I wore bell bottoms to school (when they weren't cool) and my gymnastics music was "Within Without You" by the Beatles.  In college I, regretfully, wore hemp necklaces and Berkenstocks, danced like an excited chicken at outdoor concerts and showered about once a week.  While there are some aspects of my hippie past-life I'd like for everyone to forget, I know that in my heart I will always be a hippie and I will always love a long mismatched flower print skirt on a summer day.  And, before my daughter is old enough to tell me that she doesn't want to dress like Holly Hobbie, I plan to make as many adorable outfits for her as I possibly can.  Here is a super easy tutorial on making this skirt.   

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DIY Stuffed Doll

Hi friends.  Today I have a DIY Doll tutorial for you.  I know looking at this doll that it looks like a really ambitious project.  But, once you break it down into steps, it's actually pretty easy.  All you need to do is cut out and sew the body, arms and legs, paint or embroider a face and then sew on some hair.  Instead of sewing your own outfit for the doll you can use already made doll clothing or newborn clothing.   

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Romper for a Toddler

So I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am not a seamstress.  I know how to sew a straight line with a sewing machine and that is about it.  The pattern for this romper is a super simple pattern that mostly consists of getting good measurements of your child and drawing some rectangles.  So please don't be intimidated by the adorableness of this romper.  You can do it!  I promise.

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Little Dress on the Prairie

As promised, here is a tutorial for a slightly more complicated summer dress for a little girl.  This is possibly the second cutest thing I've ever made next to my little girl, Ruby.   This dress is still too big for my little baby bear, but that was intentional because I want it to fit her this summer.  I couldn't resist putting it on her though and watching the two cutest things I've ever made twirl around the room melted my heart.  This summer when the dress actually fits, I will take some photos of the crazy cuteness and post them.  For now, I hope you enjoy the tutorial.

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A Simple Sundress
clearly have warm summer days on my mind because lately I've become obsessed with making my daughter's summer wardrobe.  I started with this simple sundress and I've been getting more and more creative.  This sundress is really easy to make and requires almost no sewing skill other than sewing in a straight line.  In my next post I will share a more complicated summer dress an in the next few weeks I'll be posting tutorials on making more dresses, skirts and shorts.  I've included a downloadable pdf with a simple drawing of the dress and places for you to write in the measurements for your little girl. Read More
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