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Dry Flowers for a Gift

I always hate throwing out a beautiful bouquet of flowers when they've passed their prime.  I used to dry them and put them in vases, but it feels a little hoarder-ish to have a bunch of dust collecting dried flowers around your house.  Here is a great way to up-cycle your next bouquet of flowers into a stylish gift box topper.  First, tie a few of the flowers together.  Then hang them from a curtain rod and allow them to dry in the window for about 7 days.  When they are dry, tie them to the top of a gift with some ribbon and accept many compliments on your creative gift wrapping technique.  

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How to Make a Tissue Flower

Making a tissue flower is such an easy and cheap way to decorate the top of a gift.  Just take a stack of tissue paper and cut a flower shape out of it in two sizes.  Then put the smaller flower stack on top of the bigger one.  Cut two slits in the center.  String some twine through the slits and tie it on the backside of the flower.  Now, take each piece of tissue paper and crumble until it begins to look like a flower.  Use the extra twine to attach the flower to the top of the box.  Pretty cool huh?! 

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How to Make a Gift Bow

Ever wonder how to make a gift bow?  It's actually pretty easy.  I found a picture tutorial on Pinterest and I just followed the directions.  I wanted to link to it in my post but when I clicked on the post, it didn't lead me to a website.  So, I decided to make my own tutorial for you to follow.  I used some magazine paper and Scotch tape to make my bow.  Be sure to choose the thicker pages of a magazine, the ones that have the colorful adds one them.  I tried using both regular magazine paper and the thicker paper and it was MUCH easier with the thicker paper.  Of course, you can use any paper you like-- If you love picking our printed papers from the craft store as much as I do, you could get some fun printed card stock for your bow.  Have fun with it and experiment. Making a bow start to finish only took me about 10 minutes.   

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