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Embroidered Owl

During one of my frequent flea market shopping trips, I came across this amazing solid brass frame.  I immediately envisioned an embroidery framed in it because I thought the soft stitching would perfectly offset the ornate metal.  I'm still trying to fill our upstate cabin with art so I thought I would choose an animal that we commonly see in the woods around our house and use the artwork to decorate our bedroom.  I used this copyright free illustration of an owl that I scanned from this FANTASTIC book.  Then I tinkered around with the contrast in photoshop and ended up with this final version which you can download and use for your project.  Next, I printed the owl out on iron transfer paper, cut it out and ironed it onto canvas.  Last, I wanted the owl to have a whimsical feel so I used many different stitches to make up the body of the owl.  

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