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Popcorn Bar

Looking for a fun snack idea for a party?  How about a popcorn bar?  Popcorn is cheap, delicious and can be configured into so many different flavors and displays.  I stocked this popcorn bar with Salted Caramel and Nuts Popcorn BallsParmeson and Cracked Pepper Popcorn and classic butter popcorn.  I picked up the bushel baskets from my local farm stand (totes free!!), lined them with red wrapping paper and used crumbled newspaper to create a false bottom so I didn't have to fill the entire basket with popcorn.  The sticks for the popcorn balls are chopsticks dipped in red paint and I used an floral arranging oasis wrapped in brown paper to stick the balls into the bowl. You can order the popcorn bags from Amazon.  I hope this popcorn bar inspires you to create your own for your next party!

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