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DIY Upcycled Puppet

How to Make a Puppet from Old Clothing

How much is that puppy in the window?  Free!  Because I made it from recycling old clothing I had laying around the house!  Isn't he just the cutest little puppy puppet?  I think he is pretty adorable with his necktie ears and button eyes.  You can put one of these adorable little guys together in under an hour with my FREE printable pattern included in the tutorial.  Happy Upcycling! 

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Animal Applique Jumper for Kids Tutorial

For me, there is nothing more adorable than a cute little girl in a classic jumper.  Add a fox or a squirrel to that jumper and toss in some sweater tights, a peter pan collar and mary janes and you've got yourself a major cuteness overload.  I got the idea to make these jumpers for Ruby because she is really into animals right now and I knew that nothing would get her more excited than to have a fox pouncing across her body or a squirrel eating a nut on her belly.  The pattern for this jumper is pretty easy to create, just make sure you've got the measurements correct before you get started.  I measured Ruby about a month before I made the jumpers, and now they are a bit too small in the chest.  Probably better to add a half inch to all of your measurements to ensure they will fit your child for a whole season.

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Drool Bib Tutorial

Two of my best friends got together and baked a little baby and that now baby is set to join us in November.  I'm going to their baby shower this weekend and I want to bring them a gift that is truly from the heart, so I made them these cute little drool bibs.  The new parents may not appreciate the awesomeness of a drool bib right now or even after the baby is born, but somewhere around the three or four month mark that little baby is going to start producing gallons of spit and it's clothes are going to start looking like it's parents used a garden hose to clean it's face.  Drool bibs can be a super stylish way of sopping up all that liquid and making sure your baby still looks like a french hipster.  I chose bandana-type fabrics and lined the backside with french terrycloth to really absorb the drool.  The pattern I used allows the bib to gather around the neck so it catches more spit and gives the illusion of a cute little baby scarf. Follow my tutorial below if you want to make your own!

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A Birthday Crown for Indie

If it is possible for a one year old to have a best friend, then Indie is Ruby’s best friend.  We met Indie and her mom at the grocery store when the girls were only about 4 months old.  Now they are old buds who sit and around talking about the good old breast milk drinking days.  I made this crown for Indie’s first birthday to match Ruby’s 1st birthday crown.  I hope they will wear their crowns together and forever be the princesses of Dumbo.  You can see a tutorial on making this crown here.

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A Tour of Ruby’s Holly Hobbie Room

Posted by Katie

As I have mentioned before, just after Ruby was born my husband and I decided that she needed a place in nature to call her own.  We built a home on 7 acres in Woodstock, NY last year.  Ever since we moved in, I have been working my fingers to the bone making all kinds of things and furnishing our new home.  As soon as I found out we were going to build the house, I knew exactly how I wanted to decorate Ruby’s room.  Holly Hobbie.  Duh.  

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Quilted Round Pillow Tutorial

Not long after my baby was born, my husband and I decided to build a cabin in upstate New York.  We live in Brooklyn and felt that baby really needed to have a space in nature to call her own.  Our cabin was completed about a month and half ago and I’ve been working my fingers to the bone making curtains, pillows, art, refinishing and painting furniture and decorating the cabin.  For baby’s room I decided to do a handmade Holly Hobbie theme.  Pictures of the completed room will be coming along with some new tutorials;  Here is a quick tutorial on making a round pillow perfect for breast or bottle feeding on a rocking chair.

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Birthday/ Princess Crown

I can’t believe my baby is going to turn one year old in less than three weeks!  The past year has at times felt like a never ending battle against sleep deprivation, exhaustion, and frustration.  But, it has also been the best year of my life and I have never felt more happy, more fulfilled as a person and more in love.  

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Easter Bunny Tutorial

How to Make This Adorable Stuffed Bunny

The minute I found out that I was getting a new nephew I, of course, started stock piling goodies and making everything I can think of to shower my sweet nephew Bean with as much Auntie love as possible.  Every new baby needs a squeezable, huggable bunny, right? Here is a quick tutorial on how to make a Ralphio Pistachio the Rabbit .

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Tie-Dyed and Appliquéd Onesies

I made this set of Onesies for a very special friend of mine who is about to have a baby boy.  I started with some washed Onesies (it’s important to wash them in order to get the sizing out so the dye will adhere).  To make the geometric dye pattern, wrap the Onesies around a paint stir stick (free at most hardware stores) and clip binder clips on the edges. After the Onesies are bound, soak them with water and set them aside.

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