DIY Upcycled Pillowcase Grocery Bags // With Video

How to Make a Bag from a Pillowcase

I came up with the idea to make this set of grocery bags from pillowcases while I was perusing Pinterest, so I have to give credit to the blog that I got the inspiration from, GrowMama.  I love a good upcycle project, and these bags are not only upcylced, but they are also great for the environment because they save on disposable bags!  My daughter's favorite book right now is The Lorax by Dr. Suess, so we have been talking a lot about helping to save the environment and I think the best way we can teach our kids is leading by example.  Every time we go to the grocery store we talk about why we use reusable bags.  It's such a good way to start teaching her about being caring for our planet.  

You can find step by step instructions on how to make these pillowcase bags in the blog post below and you can also watch my friend Emily and I make a set of bags in this video.  You can find more videos like this one on the Video Page.

How to make a bag from a pillowcase

Supplies: used pillow cases, fabric for bag holder, ribbon, cord elastic or hair bands, letter stencil, acrylic paint

  1. Cut the pillow case as pictured.
  2. Sew the top together .
  3. (Optional) Hem the edges.
  4. Cut a small hole in the bottom of the bag about 2 1/2 inches from the bottom corner.
  5. Put cord elastic or hair band loop into the hole and sew back up, sewing forwards and backwards with a couple of stitch lines to reinforce the elastic.
  6. Fold the bag length-wise and roll up so you can use the elastic to wrap around the rolled bag
  7. Sew a bag holder out of any fabric.  First, cut a rectangle.  Then fold the top of the bag down 1 inch or larger and sew a hem.  This is a tube that your ribbon will be strung through so you can cinch the bag shut.  
  8. Next fold the rectangle in half and sew (inside out) the sides, leaving it open where the ribbon goes into the hem at the top.  
  9. Attach a clothes pin to the edge of the ribbon and work the ribbon through the hem at the top.  Tye the ribbon ends in a double knot.
  10. Use a sponge and fabric paint to stencil your letters onto the front of the bag.  Insert four or more pillowcase grocery bags into the case.