Kitty Cat Ear DIY

Kitty Cat Ear DIY

How to Make Kitty Ears

I made these kitty ears for my daughters second birthday party which was themed Vintage Kitty and Puppy.  All of the children who attended the party loved wearing their ears and pretending to be kitty cats and they made a great party favor.  You can check out complete pics from the Vintage Kitty and Puppy Party by clicking here.   Here are the directions with an easy to pin strip for you to make your own ears.



  • plastic headbands
  • black and pink felt
  • hot glue
  • heat n' bond (fusible webbing)
  • white pencil


  1. Draw an ear and a center of the ear onto a piece of paper.
  2. Cut out the ear and use it to trace all of the ears on the heat n' bond.  Cut out the ears from the heat n' bond.
  3. Iron a square of heat n' bond to a square of pink felt.  Cut out the center of the ear drawing that you made and use it to trace all of the centers onto the backing of the heat n' bond.  Cut out each center and set aside.
  4. Iron the heat n' bond cut out ears onto the black felt.
  5. Use a white pencil to add 1/2 inch to the bottom of the ears.
  6. Cut out each ear from the black felt and iron them onto a square of black felt.  
  7. Once all of the ears are ironed onto the black felt you can iron on the pink centers.
  8. Cut out each ear and use hot glue to affix them to the head bands.  Squeeze a line of hot glue onto one of the bottom flaps.  Then place the headband between the two flaps and squeeze them together until the hot glue cools.
Kitty Cat Ear DIY