How to Make a Birthday Banner

How to make a Birthday Banner

How to make a Birthday Banner

Why buy a pre-packaged birthday banner when it is so easy to make your own?  Besides, if you take the time to make a banner, you can save it and use it again for many years to come.  Or, you can learn how to do it and then custom make your banner for each themed birthday.  

Supplies:  Paper or card stock, brown wrapping paper or paper bags (or any kind of paper you choose), glue stick, string, ruler

1.  Measure out your paper.  I made my triangles 4 inches on all sides.  

2. Cut out your triangles.

3. Measure and cut out squares from the brown paper.  I made my squares 3 inches on all sides to fit my 4 inch triangles.  

4.Draw letters onto the brown paper squares.  You don’t have to be an artist to do this part.  Just write the letter and then bubble letter around it and use the side you drew on to stick down so you can’t see all the scribbles.  Just remember that any letters that are asymmetrical will need to be written backwards.  

5.  Cut out your letters and paste them onto the triangles.

6.  Use scotch tape to attach the string to the top/backside of the triangles.  

7.  String up and impress your birthday girl/boy!

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