Honey Valentine's Day Gift with Free Printables

Honey Valentine's Day Gift, Perfect for Teachers, with Free Printables

DIY Honey Valentine's Day Gifts // Free Printables!

I freaking love Valentine's Day.  When I was in elementary school I would always ask my mother to take her turn as room mother on Valentine's Day.  I'm not exactly sure what about the holiday makes me so happy but I think it is a mixture of sentiment and creativity.  I LOVED making my valentines when I was a kid.  I would sit with a pair of scissors and red and pink paper for hours constructing the perfect frilly little heart valentines for all my friends.  I still love making valentines. It's just such a sweet and unique day of the year when you can get all mushy with the people in your life and nobody thinks your on your period or some such nonsense.  Anyway, I made these honey bears to give to some of my friends this year because I'm still on my new years resolution of not eating refined sugar so I feel like I have to get all preachy and make sure no one is having any fun.  Raw honey: sweet, sensible, comes in an adorable container.  Good, right?  Well, they are perfect for adults anyway, so if you're looking for something to make your kid's teachers, I think this would make perfect Valentine's Day gift.  




  1. Print the page of stickers on the Avery Sticker Project Paper for the front of the honey bear bottles.  Click here to print the page of stickers.
  2. Print the page of heart tags on brown or white card stock.  (Or print on plain paper if you don't want to get the card stock).  Click here to print the page of heart tags.
  3. Cut out and affix the stickers to the front of the bottles. 
  4. Cut out the hearts and hole punch one corner.  Write a personalized message on the back and tie to the top of the bottle with the string.
Honey Valentine's Day Gift, Perfect for Teachers, with Free Printables // Life is Made with Katie Miles // www.lifeismadeblog.com