DIY Felt Play Food - Pizza

DIY Felt Pizza

How to Make Your Own Felt Pizza with Patterns

Alright guys, I'm at it again with the felt foods!  This felt play pizza was so fun to make and Ruby just loves playing with it.  She asked me (in a Brooklyn accent of course) if I wanted a slice of pizza today about 30 times.  How could I resist a delicious slice from a 2 year old doing a Brooklyn pizza guy bit?  I couldn't.  And I pretended to bite into that felt pizza slice over and over again exclaiming "Yummy, yummy in my tummy, tummy!"  

I've done all the leg work for you and the patterns are really easy to follow.  There isn't a lot of sewing either because I used Heat n' Bond to attach all of the toppings.  You could knock this pizza out in under an hour.  For reals.  Do it.


Supplies: Red, Tan, Green, Black and White Felt, Polyfil, Heat n' Bond, velcro, 10 inch pizza pan or charger (I picked this one up at the Dollar Store, but you could also cut a circle out of strong cardboard)

1.  Heat an iron to the highest setting.  Iron about a 16 inch square of Heat n' Bond to the red and again to the white felt.  Iron a smaller amount, about 8 inches squared, to the green and again to the black felt.

2.  Cut out all of the pattern pieces from the included patterns here:

Felt Pizza Pattern 1

Felt Pizza Pattern 2

3.  Trace the crust onto the tan fabric 8 times and cut out each piece.  Trace the sauce and cheese pieces onto the red and white fabrics 4 times (draw on the Heat n' Bond side) and cut out each piece.  


4.  Remove the backing from the Heat n' Bond and iron the sauce to the crust.  Press hard with the iron and wait about 10 seconds before moving the iron around so the felt is stuck and doesn't move around on you.  I used 100% wool felt so I didn't worry about melting the felt.  If you are using synthetic felt, be careful not to leave the iron on too long or the felt will start to melt.


5.  Now iron the cheese to the sauce.


6.  Cut out each topping from the patterns and trace onto the felt, drawing on the Heat n' Bond side.  Cut each topping out and remove the backing.  Place onto the pizza slice and iron.  Leave the iron still for about 10 seconds so you don't move the toppings around.  


7.  Cut out 4 one inch pieces of velcro.  Sew the soft side to each of the bottom layers of the crust.  


8.  Using a zig-zag stitch, iron the sides of the pizza, leaving the top or crust open.


9.  Sew a straight stitch along the edge of the sauce and crust.


10.  Fill the crust cavity with Polyfil and then use straight pins to secure the top.  Sew the top shut using a zig-zag stitch.


11.  Use a strong glue or hot glue to sew the prickly sides of the velcro to the pizza pan.

DIY Felt Play Pizza