Drool Bib Tutorial

Drool Bib

Drool Bib

Two of my best friends got together and baked a little baby and that now baby is set to join us in November.  I'm going to their baby shower this weekend and I want to bring them a gift that is truly from the heart, so I made them these cute little drool bibs.  The new parents may not appreciate the awesomeness of a drool bib right now or even after the baby is born, but somewhere around the three or four month mark that little baby is going to start producing gallons of spit and it's clothes are going to start looking like it's parents used a garden hose to clean it's face.  Drool bibs can be a super stylish way of sopping up all that liquid and making sure your baby still looks like a french hipster.  I chose bandana-type fabrics and lined the backside with french terrycloth to really absorb the drool.  The pattern I used allows the bib to gather around the neck so it catches more spit and gives the illusion of a cute little baby scarf. Follow my tutorial below if you want to make your own!


  • cotton fabric
  • terrycloth fabric
  • fabric marking pencil
  • velcro
  • printed pattern

Start by printing this pattern out on legal sized paper.  Next, fold the cotton cloth in half and then trace the pattern on your cotton cloth adding one centimeter to the edges for seam allowance. 


Cut out the bib.


Hem the edges of the cotton cloth. 


Use the pattern to cut the same shape out of the terrycloth fabric, but without the seam allowance.  Pin the two pieces together and sew on the edges.   


Sew velcro to each side of the bib.  

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