Vintage Linen Throw Pillows


I'm always looking for new ways to decorate my home without spending a lot of money and without buying cheap, boring crap from big box stores.  By the time I've made it to the "Shabby Chic" throw pillows manufactured in China at Pottery Barn I'm ready to pop a Cyanide pill.  I know I'm being a little overly dramatic, but I have felt this way about decorating spaces since I was a child.  I just think it is so much more fun and satisfying to make your own, one-of-kind decorations.  These throw pillows could not be easier to make.  I picked up some gorgeous vintage linens from the thrift store and cut them up to make these pillows.  Don't you think they add so much to this bed?   I'd love to see what you've made for your home.  Please add some pictures if your one-of-a-kind decorations to the comments section.