Personalized Tea Towel


Alright friends, we are officially waist deep into wedding season.  Have you already spent all your extra cash on gelato makers and Keurigs?  Does it sadden you that the happy couple will be able to make 20 different kinds of hot beverages but will inevitably forget who gave them that ability?  Why not skip the impersonal gifts this wedding season and show your friends just how much you really care for them.  I made this personalized tea towel for my friends Christine and Sam who are tying the knot in a couple of weeks.  Sam is at least 2 feet taller than Christine and they have have an adorable golden retriever named Hank.  While the embroidery of the couple is stylized, I tried to make it as personal as possible by reflecting their family and including the first initial of their last name.  Check out my tutorial if you want to create something similar for your family or friends. 



Supplies:  Tea towel (this one is from West Elm Market) , embroidery floss, embroidery hoop, embroidery needle, soft graphite pencil, ball point pen

1.  Draw or print your images.  I drew my outlined images and printed the letter from my computer.

2.  Cover the back side generously with the soft graphite pencil. 


3.  Transfer the image to the cloth by placing the images on the tea towel and using a ball point pen, go over the lines, making sure to press hard.  


4.  To complete the tea towel with embroidery, you can follow my tutorial on monograming and using the silk stitch here.  For the outline stitch, just use a regular straight stitch.