Appliqué Chevron Canvas Bag


Hit the beach in this super cool gold lame´ chevron canvas bag.  Never done appliqué before?  No problem.  Follow this easy tutorial and you will have your own one of a kind beach bag before you know it!

Supplies:  Metallic fabric (gold lame´), fusible webbing, parchment paper, a canvas bag, embroidery floss, embroidery needle

1.  Cut out a square from your metallic fabric that is the same length and about 1/2 inch wider as your canvas bag.  Cut out a piece of fusible webbing and parchment paper the same size as the fabric.  Sandwich all three together with the fabric face down, the webbing in the middle, then the paper on top.  Turn your iron to the synthetic fabric setting and iron the the three together with the parchment paper on top. 



2.  After the webbing is sufficiently adhered to the fabric and paper, use a ruler to measure and draw out your chevron zig zags on the parchment paper.  Then cut them out.


3.  Pull the parchment paper off and lay them out on top of the canvas bag.  Carefully iron them down.  Make sure to go slowly so you don't end up with wrinkles and you don't move the fabric around as your ironing.  When the fabric is adhered to the bag, cut off the extra fabric on the sides of the bag.

4.  Use embroidery floss to stitch the edges.  I used large stitches because I liked the way it looked and it took less time.