DIY Stuffed Doll


Hi friends.  Today I have a DIY Doll tutorial for you.  I know looking at this doll that it looks like a really ambitious project.  But, once you break it down into steps, it's actually pretty easy.  All you need to do is cut out and sew the body, arms and legs, paint or embroider a face and then sew on some hair.  Instead of sewing your own outfit for the doll you can use already made doll clothing or newborn clothing.   

Here is what you will need to get started:  Skin colored cotton fabric, embroidery floss, yarn, polyfil

Start by drawing out two panels for the body and head.  The body and head measures 17 inches from head to crotch and 8 inches across the head and belly.  Now draw out the arms and legs.  You will need two panels for each arm and leg making a total of 4 panels for arms and 4 panels for legs.  The legs are 11 inches in length and the arms are 9 inches in length.  

Next you will want to draw the face of the doll in.  You can print the face I've drawn out here.    You can embroider the face in using an embroidery line stitch and satin stitch.  For the satin stitch, refer to the directions pictured below.  If you don't want to embroidery the face, you can use fabric paint to paint  the face on.  Tape a drawing of the face to a window and then tape your fabric over the drawing to trace the face onto the fabric.



Once you have the face embroidered or painted, you can start constructing your doll.  Sew each of the arms and legs together and stuff with polyfil.  Pin the head/ body panels together face-to-face with the arms placed inside-out where you want them and sew together leaving the bottom part of the doll open.  Turn the doll right side out and stuff with polyfil.  Now place the legs and sew the bottom together.   


Last, you will sew the hair onto the head.  I used a 100% wool yarn that had a nice hair like texture.  First I cut the yarn into 24 inch pieces.  Then I attached two strands at time using a needle and thread.  To make sure the hair was on securely, I made at least 3 loops around each attachment and tied a knot each time.  This process is a little tedious, but it only took me about 2 hours to attach all of the yarn to the head.   

If you want to make a romper for the doll like the one pictured above, you can refer to my romper tutorial.  Happy doll making!