How to Make a Simple Stuffed Easter Bunny


Make Your Own Basket Stuffers this Easter with my Simple Stuffed Easter Bunny Tutorial with Free Pattern

Hippity- hoppity... Easter is on its way!!!  Ok.  So I never really thought I would be the kind of mom that makes an Easter basket, especially for a 16 month old, but I'll admit it, I got wrapped up in the Easter spirit this year.  I mean, how could you not?  Candy, bunnies, pastels, eggs, chocolate, weird fake grass paper stuff.  Did I mention candy and chocolate?  So I found myself trying to figure out what to fill her basket with when I came upon an easy (super easy) craft tutorial to share with y'all.  Here is a super duper easy stuffed Easter bunny tutorial.  Hoppy Easter!   





1.  Use the cut-out template I've provided for printing.  Click here to print. 



2  You could skip the embroidery if it seems too challenging for you and just use fabric paint to paint a face and a tail.  For the face, I just used a simple line stitch and a satin stitch.  I've included an illustration on how to do a satin stitch below.  For the tail, I just did a loop stitch and then cut the loops.   


3.  Lay the two bunny cut-outs face to face and sew inside out.  Leave the part between the legs open.  Turn right-side out and stuff with polyfil.  Use a loop stitch to sew up the hole between the legs.   

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