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Vanilla Honey Cupcakes, Refined Sugar Free

Recipe for Refined Sugar Free Vanilla Honey Cupcakes

Honey powder!  WHO KNEW?!  I saw this cool stuff called honey powder last time I was at Whole Foods, and though it was stupid expensive (Whole Foods ain't cheap!), I had to buy it because I just knew I could do something really cool with it.  I pondered the honey powder until I came up with the perfect use:  Honey vanilla buttercream frosting!  The cupcake batter for these scrumptious vanilla honey cupcakes is super easy to make and comes out really soft and buttery despite the lack of refined sugar.  So that problem was solved pretty easily.  But how do you make honey buttercream frosting without sugar and not end up with a sticky, gooey mess?  I'll tell you!  Just use honey powder which you can buy for a whole lot cheaper than Whole Foods online here.  Substitute the honey powder for the powdered sugar, add a little raw honey and, viola, delicious honey vanilla buttercream frosting!  I'm taking these cupcakes to a toddler Valentine's Day party this afternoon.   Now the toddlers can have their sugar induced tantrum free cupcakes and eat them too!

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Baby Shower Strawberry Cupcakes

It's nice to be called upon to make something for a party because it allows me to flex my creative muscles and come up with a recipe I ordinarily might not think of without some prompting.  My friends had a baby shower this past weekend and asked me to bring a desert.   After scouring Pinterest for "baby shower themed cupcakes" and only coming up with gross cupcake recipes with yucky fondant sculptures of babies on top, I decided to create my own recipe.  These cute little cupcakes are made with real strawberries in the batter and delicious buttercream frosting.  I purchased the ducks at a candy store in my neighborhood, but you can purchase them online here.

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