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Blueberry Basil Smash

How to Make a Refreshing Blueberry Basil Smash Cocktail

My family and I just settled into a two week vacation at our country house in Woodstock, NY and I am loving the summer weather complete with fresh summer fruits and vegetables.  I was just starting to feel nice and relaxed when I realized that I had promised myself I would do the three day potty training bootcamp with our 2 year old this week.  Ugh.  What a pain in the diapered butt.  So now I'm one and half days into being stuck in my living room doing a touch down dance every time a drop of pee makes it inside the potty.  Lord knows, Mama needs a tall glass of medicine right about now.  Cue the fresh blueberries I just picked up at the farmer's market, the basil growing on the back deck and a bottle of vodka.  Ahhhh... that's nice.  So now I'm happily sipping on a delicious Blueberry Basil Smash and perfecting my celebratory potty dance and song.  One and half more days to go.  I'd better send the hubby out for more vodka

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Peach and Rasberry Punch

Nothing says summer like an ice cold fruit cocktail.  Peaches and raspberries were in season at the farm stand so I fashioned this drink around those two beautiful fruits.  The drink was sweet, without being too sweet, clean, crisp and flavorful.  I used cupcake liners with ball jars to create a bug free sipper for my Outdoor Movie night.  

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Peach Basil and Blueberry Chambord Adult Popsicles

Popsicles were a staple of my summer growing up.  Summer just wouldn't be summer without them.  They go hand in hand with slip-in-slides, chigger bites, tree houses and all day bicycle excursions.  Usually my parents would buy us a box or two of some off-brand, chemically flavored, two stick popsicles, but when those ran out, it was up to my brother and I to get creative.  Mom had an old Tupperware popsicle mold from the 60's that we used to make our own lemonade/ kool-aide/ orange juice popsicles.  Little did I know that these early experimentations in popsicle artistry would someday inform the art of adult gourmet popsicles making.  These popsicles are pretty simple to throw together and you can create just about any iteration that inspires you.  I brought these popsicles with me to a dinner party and handed them out after dinner for desert, but you could hand them out before dinner on a hot summer night for a fun twist on the summer cocktail.

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Strawberry Mint Gin Cocktail

It's strawberry season!  This is the time of year when I gorge myself on ripe strawberries and try to think of every recipe I can make with them.  I'm also fond of mixing any delicious seasonal fruit with alcohol and pretending I'm a fancy mixologist.  While this drink looks super fancy and will definitely wow your guests, the recipe is actually pretty easy.  There isn't any infusing or straining, just a little muddling.  Serve this at your next bbq and your sure to make your guests berry happy!

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Ginger Margarita

Here is a delicious and refreshing cocktail to enjoy in the warm months to come.  I made this margarita for a Memorial Day party that we had at Katie's house and all of the adult guests enjoyed it.  It's tart and sweet and really perfect to have with chips and salsa during your cocktail hour.  A candied ginger garnish is a great counterpoint that you can nibble on while drinking the cocktail.  I love ginger!   

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Amaretto Sour

I'm not sure why Emily and I picked an Amaretto Sour to be the cocktail for our 70's themed fondue party, but when we were thinking of cocktail ideas it just seemed like the perfect 70's drink.  I decided to make my own sweet and sour mix instead of using the store-bought stuff which was a great decision because these Amaretto Sours were actually very tasty and our guests gave them rave reviews.


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