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Chive and Herb Buttermilk Biscuits

Recipe for Chive and Herb Buttermilk Biscuits

I'm going to have to blame the accidental making of these decadent chive and herb biscuits and the 3-4 pounds I gained after inhaling the entire batch on my southern husband.  One morning he was like- hey, I bought all this breakfast sausage and I don't know what we should make with it.  And I was like- oh, I know.  Let's completely ruin the last couple trips I made to the gym by making buttermilk biscuits and then putting pork sausage and fried eggs between them.  Real smart.  Also, real, real effin good.  So, maybe it wasn't exactly worth it in the health department, but totally worth it in the delicious southern cooking, butter laden, flavorful herb biscuit department.  I plucked the chives and herbs straight from my back deck, used some buttermilk and butter I got from the farm stand down the road and spent the morning crafting the most delicious biscuits I've ever made.  These are perfect to take to a summer BBQ or just to eat on the back deck on a warm summer morning with your family.  

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Ham and Cheese Scones

Lately I've been craving savory baked goods for breakfast, or lunch, or an afternoon snack, or a morning snack or a late night snack.... well you get my point... I'm craving melty cheese and salty ham wrapped up in a buttery biscuit like a  Martha Stewart craves hospital corners.  

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Pumpkin and Maple Scones with a Molasses Glaze

Well, it's still colder than a witch's titty in brass bra (according to my husband) outside and I'm getting a little tired of being cooped up indoors all the time.  I did venture outside on Saturday with my husband and daughter for some sledding and a hike in the woods.  And, though it was nice to get some fresh air and say hello to the trees, I could only stand to be out there for about an hour.  After we came back in and got the fire going I was ready for a warm wintery baked good to nibble on.  This recipe was concocted from the ingredients I had in my cupboard because I was too lazy to drive to the store.  Still, they are some of the best scones I've ever eaten.  My husband and daughter loved them so much that they were gone by the end of the day and I had to exclaim that a delicious baked good is here today, but scone tomorrow ; )    

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Valentine’s Day German Pancakes Recipe

Are you looking for an incredibly original way to surprise your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day?  Why not find your way into their heart through their stomach, or, in this case, put a heart in their stomach!  I used a simple german pancake recipe and two heart shaped cake tins to make this delicious Valentine for my husband and my daughter.  The recipe is very, very easy and it is actually a very healthy, protein heavy breakfast because each serving has 3 eggs, 1/2 cup milk and only 1/2 cup flour.  I have substituted with whole wheat flour before and it turned out scrumptious and healthy.  

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Molasses and Fig Breakfast Bars for Toddlers

Now that my baby has learned to feed herself, she wants nothing to do with spoon feeding so the oatmeal breakfast she used to eat every morning is a no go.  I’ve been trying to think of a breakfast bar that she could feed to herself that would be just as nutritious and filling as the oatmeal and I came up with these Molasses and Fig Bars.  They are kid tested and Mommy approved!    

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